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We provide well-advised plans that help minimize OS failures and downtime.

Migrate from MySQL to MariaDB

Original developers of MySQL created MariaDB in 2009 with performance improvements.
  • MariaDB is more open source than MySQL.
  • Unlike MySQL, MariaDB releases security updates once available.
  • MariaDB has features like Dynamic column support, Table Elimination and much more.
  • MariaDB has more integrated storage engines like Spider for sharding and TokuDB.
  • MariaDB offers better performance than MySQL, it increases speed by 3-5 %.
  • MariaDB offers Galera, a new kind of clustering engine unlike traditional MySQL master-slave replication.

PHP Selector (cPanel/WHM only)

It allows user to change PHP version for whole account and/or directory.
  • Doesn't affect default PHP.
  • Separate settings and options.
  • User friendly cPanel interface.
  • Easy to install/uninstall.
  • MUST have SuPHP (PHP Handler) installed.
  • Support for Zend & ionCube.

Using Cache

It has the advantage of provide redundancy, failover and speed improvements.
  • We use RAM for caching as it has better speed and performance.
  • Easy to change purge interval for cached files.
  • Ability to choose maximum disk space used for caching.
  • Configure Memcache for Failover and Session Redundancy.

MySQL Replication

It enables data to be replicated from master to one or more slaves.
  • Spread the load between multiple slaves helps improving performance.
  • Possibility to run backup on slaves.
  • Supports one-way, from master to one or more slaves.
  • Analysis of information can take place on slave without affecting master's performance.

Caching-Only DNS Server

Query DNS records and get information from other servers and store query requests for later use.
  • No Zone transfer traffic as it doesn't participate in zone transfer.
  • When configured as Forwarder, it will provide secure host name resolution.
  • Caching-only server doesn't require expert administration.
  • DNS uses UDP so it will reduce the query time.

Send-Only Mail Server

Helps increase IP reputation and security.
  • There are no Mailbox charges.
  • Mail will be much more faster.
  • Unlimited Mailboxes.
  • Anit-SPAM filtering.
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