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Here you can find answers to the frequently asked questions.

How to register at ModServ?

You can easily register through this link Click to Register.

How to choose a specific plan from ModServ's several plans?

You can choose a plan from our services, click (Order Now) button and you will be redirected to order form.

How to check if a domain is available for registration?

From Domain Names, enter your domain name and choose the extension (e.g. .com, .net, etc...), then click (SEARCH).

How to request a quote for design service?

You can open a new ticket to Sales Department with the design specifications, and we will be happy assisting you.

How to find ModServ's Terms of Service?

You can find them in Terms of Service page.

How to contact ModServ?

You can contact us through Contact Us page.

How to speak directly to our agents?

You will find a pop-up window at the bottom right of each page.

How to switch between Arabic and English versions of the website?

You will find these icons النسخة العربية English Version at the top of each page (E for English & A for Arabic).

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