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ModServ reserves full rights to add, edit or delete all or some of the terms of agreement without prior notice.


  • General Terms
  • Hosting & Reseller
  • Dedicated Servers & VPS
  • Accounts Migration
  • Domain Names
  • Design & Develop
  • ModServ ensures to itself to stop or suspend the provided service when it makes sure of misuse while ensuring the stability of refusing to provide service from the beginning.

    Copyright Infringement

    ModServ prevents to use nor provide any products or services obtaining copyrights (E.g.: Forums, Brands, etc…) which is an infringement of the rights of others.

  • Abuse Services

    ModServ prevents doing what may affect negatively on the services, such as sending SPAM messages, immoral contents or which publishes sedition as well as deceptive messages that seek to steal others accounts (aka. SCAM) or abuse server resources through using corrupted software.

  • Privacy Violation

    ModServ ensures to itself using legal and punitive ways that it deems when the staff are exposing to humiliation.

  • General clarifications
    • The client is the owner of his account, and if he/she wants to transfer its ownership to another person, then he/she must call ModServ before the transfer by 48 hours and ModServ has the right to reject and feedback.
    • The client is responsible for his account and ModServ has the right to ask him about what his account contains in case of using immoral or dishonorable contents.
    • The client is the official responsible of his/her account backup. And obliged to take all steps and measures to ensure clean backup of his website. ModServ provides backups in daily and monthly basis.
    • ModServ provides the service after making full payments and sending a scanned or a photo of payment receipt to the responsible section.
    • The client gets a message before renewal date in appropriate time through Ticket and SMS systems.
    • The client has to make sure of his/her data that he/she is giving to the customer service to guarantee message delivery and appropriate handling of his/her request.
    • A tax amount of 20 SAR is applied for transactions less than 200 SAR made to ModServ’s bank accounts in Saudi Arabia.
    • A tax amount of 2.5% is applied on transactions less than $20 and 5% on transactions more than $20 made to ModServ's PayPal account.
    • ModServ offers different plans and multiple payment ways to suit all approaches and requirements as well as ensures itself the right to submit offers and discounts that suitable for it.
    • ModServ displays service status to customers and notify them when there are any updates or issues.
    • ModServ ensures stability up to 99.9% for its services.
    • The customer shall not influence or consume server resources that is adversely affecting the performance of hosted accounts.
    • ModServ Ensures the provision of accounts’ backups on daily and monthly basis.
    • ModServ offers free technical support for issues related to web server as well as offering internal support for web sites according to clarified and paid plans driven in its official site.
    • ModServ Ensures keeping customer data in a confidential manner and not to expose them to any party except after obtaining a formal letter explaining the violation of existing account, which obliged to take legal action towards him/her.
    • Client has the right to request money back within thirty days from offering service with the eligibility of ModServ deduct amounts paid to Domain Names, SMS, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Servers, and any scripts or third-party services were paid for them.
    • The client has the right to request a backup of his/her website and ModServ has to deliver the backup after confirmation of the absence of irregularities or delays the payment on the client.
    • Client who has reseller account is the only authorized to communicate with ModServ without eligibility of his customers to contact us regarding any issues and/or requests related to their accounts.
    • When the client needs to upgrade/downgrade his/her plan to a new plan, he/she is advised to pay differential amount between both plans in case of not exceeding half of billing cycle and in case of exceeding he/she is advised to pay full amount.
    • At the time of service request in offers and discounts period, the plan remains at the same specifications and price as long as the client renew it.
    • ModServ ensures to itself to take all necessary steps and actions towards the offending accounts that offends teachings of Islam or contain any materials or harmful content, or calls for violence and spreading sedition, or unethical materials.
    • Experimental periods of service are not available and it was compensated by providing appropriate monthly payment plans.
    • ModServ provides preparation and security for provided web servers for free and is providing paid management and monitoring as well which has monthly cost illustrated on the page of the service.
    • The client has the right to request his/her own server information at any time.
    • The client is responsible for his/her own internal support related to his/her website as long as he/she isn't getting paid internal support from ModServ.
    • The client guarantees renewing his/her service before the scheduled period of not less than 72 hours to ensure no service interruption.
    • ModServ is committed to follow up and offer all security updates and settings required for servers that paid monthly management plan that in the event of damage to the server turned out to be due to an error from the client, there will be no liability for ModServ to repair nor fix it.
    • ModServ offers special paid plans to the customers which have servers from an external source with the need of server details (E.g.: root password, SSH port) upon requesting service.
    • ModServ ensures to itself the right to stop servers that abuse the ToS or perform any acts that would affect negatively on service in internal and external manners, such as DoS/DDoS attacks.
    • ModServ prevents offending content, copyright infringement, and will notify client upon receiving a warning from Data Center to take all the necessary steps to ensure no service interruption.
    • ModServ ensures migrating customer accounts when ordering its services for free without any hidden fees.
    • Time needed for migration varies as it depends on the size of accounts and the connections speed between servers.
    • Time needed to propagate DNS (Domain Name Servers) after migration requires up to 72 hours to fully propagate on all ISP providers.
    • The customer shall review files/folders permissions of his/her website before starting the migration process to ensure no loss.
    • ModServ has no responsibility for any loss of data during the migration process due to an external issue.
    • ModServ registers domain names within own panel.
    • The client has a right to request his/her domain to be moved out of ModServ’s account into his/her account after 5 days of registration with ModServ disclaimer except in case of renewal.
    • Renewal fees differs from registration fees according to updates issued by ICANN.
    • ModServ ensures provision of service in accordance with the recent global updates of both programming languages, colors, programs, and is committed primarily with customer requirements and guidance.
    • The basis of 50% is paid upon agreement, then 25% after reviewing design as an image and approving it, then 15% at the design installation and displaying it on the provided demo link and finally 10% before the operation of the web site on the customer's official domain.
    • The Customer shall deliver own logo, and if he/she doesn’t have one, then design department is responsible for designing a new logo according to the client desire, client will be notified about the fees and he/she has the right to approve or decline the offer.
    • We add 10 days to the time described for the offer that is exploited in the event of forced circumstances.
    • ModServ ensures delivering design files to the client after making full payment.
    • ModServ ensures to itself the right to apologize to provide any service according to the work conditions.
    • ModServ ensures that service not to be delivered until full satisfaction.
    • Additional fees are applied when requesting changes or new additions after delivery.
    • A client has no right to request money back for the paid amount after completion of any phases of the agreement.
    • ModServ ensures that the client is eligible to request his/her money back in the event of delay in service delivery exceeding 20 days, which is calculated after the consumption of extra days provided in advance.
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