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We provide well-advised plans that help increase your dedicated server and virtual private server efficiency.

Free Plan

Included when you order our Dedicated Server & Virtual Private Server plans.
  • 24x7x365 Server Monitoring.
  • Solve hardware issues (Corrupted Hard Disk, Motherboard and Faulty Power supply).
  • Solve network issues.
  • Reset root password in less than 30 minutes.
  • OS Reload with desired operating system.
  • Free data migration when upgrading, downgrading, and OS reloading.
  • Implementing rDNS (Reverse DNS) which authenticates server against ISPs (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc...).
  • Check for IP Address blacklisting and contact ISP in case found.
  • Protection against DoS & DDoS attacks using hardware solutions as well which provides superior security and guarantees non legitimate visitors blocking.

Advanced Plan

Suitable for medium-sized business.
  • Install cPanel®/WHM control panel & configure its main settings to suit client needs.
  • Configure Apache HTTP Server to suit websites needs.
  • Configure PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor & secure it which decreases hacking possibilities by 90%.
  • Configure MySQL Server depends on server specifications which suits client needs.
  • Configure Exim mail transfer agent and secure it which improves email delivery and decreases blacklisting.
  • Configure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and secure it which decreases hacking possibilities.
  • Configure DNS (Domain Name System) which improves websites performance against visitors especially search engines.
  • Configure Backup System to suit client needs.
  • Send momentary report in case our system detects malware, viruses.
  • Install ClamAV along with LMD (Linux Malware Detect) to assure zero malware.
  • Install Firewall to prevent any suspicious activity like false logins.
  • Assure daily kernel updates to improve system stability and security.
  • Secure /tmp directory to disallow hackers from writing and executing malicious code.
  • Disable compilers and dangerous commands professionally which doesn't affect server performance.
  • Secure phpMyAdmin & monitory daily updates and Zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Install SuPHP & configure it which achieves maximum security from hacking attempts via scripts.
  • Implement ModSecurity Web Application Firewall & install ModServ revised rules which guarantees achieving maximum security against scripts.
  • Secure common symlink vulnerabilities.
  • Protection against DoS & DDoS attacks using software solutions as well which provides superior security and guarantees non legitimate visitors blocking.
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